Slot Overview: Chicken Drop

Players, put on your best plaid shirts and denim overalls for Chicken Drop, a slot machine developed by Pragmatic Play with a farm theme. The game uses a cluster pays/tumble wins hybrid to chain together winnings and has two progressives—increasing symbol size and increasing the game’s multiplier, respectively. Finally, there’s a bonus round of free spins where you have a good chance of winning money.

Pragmatic Play, like with its previous grid slots, has opted for a really colorful and cheery presentation, filling the screen with images of enormous red barns, rich green fields, trees, and chicks with bulging eyes. Things happen in the actual world during food production that may be a bit taxing on the constitutions of people who don’t work in agriculture. But not on this property. Chicken Drop takes place in a future when chicken parts like wings and drumsticks are lab-grown instead being slaughtered. On a 7 by 7 grid, players may expect to see 49 different icons appear with every spin.

Players looking for something with a bit more volatility will enjoy this 7×7 game, as it ships with a volatility rating of 5 out of 5. Bets may be placed between 20 p/c and £/€100 every spin. Chicken Drop’s theoretical return to player (RTP) in its default version is 96.50%, putting it in good company with other Pragmatic Play games. Always do a cursory check, as lesser tiers may also provide RTP. The game’s maximum victory cap is disclosed below, capping off an upbeat set of numbers.

Chicken Drop is a slot machine game where the objective is to land clusters of 5 or more matching symbols in order to win and to activate the tumble function. Except for the standard playing card suits, the majority of the game’s icons are agricultural products including mushrooms, acorns, maize, blueberries, and strawberries. Last but not least, a cluster of 37 or more strawberries will award a coin win worth a staggering 1,000x the stake.

Slot Functions for “Chicken Drop”

Pragmatic Play deserves praise since, rather from taking the tried-and-true route of having players gather winning clusters to activate bonus features, most of their grid slots go off in novel directions. You should keep an eye out for tumbles, two progressive modifiers, free spins, and the ability to buy a feature.

Tumbling winning clusters off the game board and replacing them with fresh symbols is at the heart of the gameplay. This can result in many victories from the same spin, which will stop only if no further winning clusters appear.

Initiating the progressive characteristics is a watering can or four-leaf clover. When watering cans fall, they mark off a section of the grid. A 2×2 can play on a 4×4 field, and so on up to a 6×6 field with enough cans. Multipliers for 4 Leaf Clovers begin at x2 and go as high as x10 when they appear. When no more clusters or upgrades are visible, the tumble mechanism is reactivated by dropping an egg symbol into the grid, which transforms all symbols in the highlighted region into the same matching pay sign.

The major attraction is the free spins round, which is activated by the appearance of 4, 5, or 6 scatter symbols and awards 10, 15, or 20 free games, respectively. Any enhancements that were active at the time of the feature’s activation will continue to be active for the life of the feature. After each tumble in a free spin, a different symbol type and position on the grid is chosen for an egg drop to occur, with the same effects as indicated above (increasing in size and multiplying the win by a greater amount with each egg drop). When 4 or 5 scatter symbols appear, the bonus round is retriggered and the player is awarded an extra +5 free spins.

Chicken Drop, as previously stated, offers a convenient purchase button in jurisdictions where this is permissible. To have access to the bonus spins feature, you must wager 100 times your original bet.

Judgment in the Chicken Slot

Chicken Drop, like a real chicken farm, may get rather chaotic at times thanks to elements that mutually reinforce one another to create thrilling instances. What Chicken Drop does is perfectly acceptable. Pragmatic Play has created a unique combination of egg drops and progressive elements that can significantly increase a player’s chances of winning. Having a small taste of them in the main game is good, but knowing that an egg drop will land on each free spin in the bonus round is a great reason to keep playing.

The lack of originality in Chicken Drop is its worst flaw. Although the features are distinct, there is fear that it will seem too similar to Pragmatic Play’s previous grid slots, like the Fruit Party pair. In terms of supplementary material, Chicken Drop is more similar to Fat Santa, though it is by no means a carbon copy of that film. The maximum payout in Chicken Drop is 5,000 times the wager, the same as in the other two Fruit Party games. Comparatively, Chicken Drop offers favorable chances for players, but its highest payout is the least likely of the three games. The odds of winning the top prize are 1 in 4,166,667.

In the end, Chicken Drop is yet another Pragmatic Play game that may provide exciting gameplay. But it’s missing that little something that would make it stand out from the rest of the grid slots. The game has a pleasant air to it, and the big-eyed rubber chicken gag never fails to get a few laughs, but there isn’t anything particularly compelling about it that would make you want to return to the farm immediately after finishing it.

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